The Dizzying Rise of AlDub and Other Internet Winners


The Rise of Digital Disrupters

In the traditional mass media war, Aldub and staff have won, while some other television show—any show, and not just Aldub’s competition in other channels—that slacks off in making its mark in the Internet loses.

And you think that’s awesome? Well, this is just one of the many unbelievable success stories borne out of the internet. Let’s talk business, for instance. “How much time does it take to acquire 50 million customers?

“Facebook did it in 3.7 years.

“WhatsApp did it in 15 months.

“And Angry Birds? It got 50 million customers in 35 days,” said Jacqueline van den Ende, CEO of Lamudi, during the Asia Digital Transformation Summit by Asia CEO Forum at Makati Diamond Hotel, Makati City, Philippines last 28 August 2015.

All these are proofs of the dizzying speed and scope of digital transformation, which started roughly 10 years ago. “While two years behind the United States and Europe [in digital transformation], the ASEAN nations are catching on. For instance, ecommerce in Asia is growing at 25 percent—significantly higher that the growth rate in the United States and Europe,” van den Ende said.

Asia CEO's Digital Transformation Summit discusses digital disruptions in Asia

Asia CEO’s Digital Transformation Summit discusses digital disruptions in Asia


The digital transformation first started in video rentals, music, and photography.

Then, the next generation of changes happened in media and classified ads, human resources, travel and retail. Online names such as Olx (2006), IwantTV (2011), Rappler (2011) and Lazada (2012) were not even around 10 years ago. And who knows, Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye segment might just be a sneak peek into what the marriage of television and digital media would be like.

Expect the next wave to be in healthcare, individual-based education, banking. The possibilities are endless.

This disruption (yup, I am using the D word here, this time) in business can be succinctly exemplified by Google’s experience in the past decades. Back in 2001, newspaper ads were ruling it over Google in terms of sales. Eleven years later, Google’s revenues climbed to US$46 billion, while that of newspaper ads slid to a little under US$20 billion.

Indeed, in today’s digital world, somebody wins while somebody else loses.

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