Asia CEO Awards 2016: The Future is Here


“The Philippines is fast finding its place in Asia,” former Congresswoman and Managing Editor of Business+Class Magazine Kim Bernardo stated as she opened the year’s final Media Launch of the 2016 Asia CEO Awards at the Ceremonial Hall of Marriott Hotel Manila, Pasay City last 23 September 2016.

Now on its seventh year, the Asia CEO Awards, with the theme “The Future is Here,” will again celebrate the best of the best in business, giving recognition to outstanding leaders and organizations as business ambassadors of the Philippines and role models of the young.

Fourteen corporate sponsors announced the list of finalists in four individual-level and 10 organization-level business categories (Click HERE for the names of finalists).


The category winners will be announced during the gala night at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, Marriott Manila Hotel, Pasay City on 18 October 2016.



Fruits of the Vision for Philippine Business

“Seven years ago, this was what we were dreaming of,” Richard Mills, Chairman of Asia CEO Awards, said during the media event. He was referring to the increase in success stories in the Philippine business world and the rising number of companies–both foreign and local—that attest to these achievements.

Asia CEO Awards was established by Mills and Rebecca Bustamante, President and CEO of Asia CEO Awards, to  (1) recognize leaders and achievers; (2) make the Philippines the premier business destination in Asia; and (3) help the Philippines become a first world nation on or before 2030.

Awards’ Stringent Selection Process

“The number of entries is overwhelming this year. [We had] 230 applicants to screen, categorize and understand,” said Atty. Alex Cabrera, Chairman and Senior Partner of PwC, the awards’ official knowledge partner.

“[The nominees] submitted materials. They revised and submitted again. Collating all the information was difficult and involved a lot of work. It was a very involved process. [We made sure that the] judges had the data needed to make the decision,” Mills said about the selection process on the finalists before introducing his co-judges: Dr. Bernie Villegas, Arch. Jun Palafox, Jr., Ambassador Jose Cuisia, Don Felbaum, Oscar Sanez, and Atty. Darlene Berberabe.

Architect, urban planner and environmentalist Jun Palafox, Jr.

Architect, urban planner and environmentalist Jun Palafox, Jr.

The Future of Business

The Philippines is at the cusp of progress in Southeast Asia; hence, the theme “The Future is Here”. After all, the Philippines is located at the center of the region geographically; has the youngest and most dynamic and tech-savvy population, with an average age of 23.5 years old; and has a president who aims to get things done.

“The Philippine is [among] the fastest growing [economies] in Asia today,” said Victor Aliwalas, vice president and head of PLDT Alpha Enterprise. He added that through the pursuit of success and excellence, and the adoption of technology and innovation, the country could become a competitive global player.


While acknowledging the challenges being faced by the country today, Economist Bernie Villegas noted that “a good number of certainties can counteract the current uncertainties.” No matter what happens to the rest of the world, some facts about the Philippines are certain: the 3-5 percent increase yearly on remittances to the Philippines, BPO revenues growing by 15-18 percent annually, and various public-private partnership (PPP) projects being pursued by the current administration. And while the country’s President is getting people edgy with his impulsiveness, everyone can still count on his decisiveness.

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