Asia Logistics Summit to Look At How Technology Helps the Supply Chain


When one has an upcoming logistics conference and the theme is “Addressing Challenges to Build Better Businesses”, traffic will surely be identified as one of these pain points.

The challenge to companies engaged in trading does not end there. There too is the fact that the Philippines is an archipelago of more than 7,100 islands (updated maps show that there are now 7,641 islands!), although most of the actions happen in the major cities such as Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

Traffic in Manila and how to address it.

The Philippines’ Logistics Performance Index Rating

The 2016 World Bank Logistics Performance Index ranks the Philippines at #71 out of 160 countries. Out of the index’s five dimensions,  the Philippines’ lowest score is in the quality of trade and transport-related infrastructure (e.g., ports, railroads, roads, information technology) (2.55).



Low score on infrastructure related to transport.


Suffice to say, there is still room to improve its ranking. The good news is that the current Administration is now infusing more funds to resolve the lack of  infrastructure and improving border control agencies’ (including customs) efficiency in clearance processes. However, it might take a while before one can see the impact of these efforts.


Logistics and Technology

This year’s Asia Logistics Summit is expected to bring together leaders from a broad range of businesses— from food and beverages to shipping, and to TV shopping and online fashion shopping—who will speak about how they were able to operate profitably despite the logistical challenges in the country.

If you think technology is part of their solutions, you are right. Find out how these retailers and wholesalers tap technology to keep ahead of competitors and handle a complex logistics operation. Among the speakers are Constantin Robertz, managing director of Zalora, an online fashion reseller; Dustin Andaya, CEO of Island Rose, an online flower seller; and Michael Stacey, logistics director for TV Shop, a home TV shopping channel.

Also joining the list of speakers are executives from supply-chain solution providers and end-to-end procurement service companies. For instance, Duncan Grewcock, COO of Adjuno, will share insights on how his company, a cloud-based supply-chain technology provider, helps global retailers.


Supply chain management is key.

Other invited speakers are:

  • Joey Concepcion, Founder of Go Negosyo.
  • Luca Fichera, Supply Chain Director of Nestle (food and drinks company)
  • Ric Atienza, CEO of iMaverick (distributor of glass mosaic products)
  • Mike Camahort, President of LBC (delivery provider)
  • Monchu Garcia, Chairman of Orient Freight (integrated shipping)
  • Charlie Villasenor, Chairman of Procurement & Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA)

The Asia Logistics Summit is a whole-day event on November 23, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel. It  will be presented by LBC Business Solutions. Elite Sponsors are Jones Lang LaSalle, Regus, and Sprout Solutions.



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