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Retire with PERA

Finally, six years after the Personal Equity and Retirement Account (PERA) law was approved, we can now start applying for a PERA account in February 2015. After all, we cannot solely rely on our SSS retirement pension for our twilight years.

Note to Self As a New Micro Entrepreneur

Through the years, I had collected my short list of pointers-to-live-by as a startup entrepreneur. These might not be principles others would agree with, but these work for me as they came about from my own learning and observations. Below is my personal list of what I call …

Small Business: To Innovate Is To Survive

Employees are encouraged to innovate. But business owners are obligated to innovate. Borrowing your neighbor’s business idea just does not cut it anymore. You cannot expect to survive if your business is like those generic pearl shakes stands that offer practically the same products as that of the …

Why Filipinos Must Innovate At Work

I love it when government officials say it as it is. No sugar coating. No smooth talking. Just plain truth. So, it was a good step when Department of Science and Technology Undersecretary Fortunato T. de la Pena summarized the status of innovation in our country as plainly …